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success stories

Learn where Keystone’s commitment to innovation was instrumental to the success of our clients…where it made a difference…

the Everglades

Automation accelerates project execution.  Keystone has extensive experience supporting large-scale right of way and real estate related projects.  By automating the processes associated with acquiring land and relocating displaced persons, we can execute projects with greater efficiency.  Keystone developed the Tract Information Management System (TIMS) for the Bird Drive Recharge Voluntary Acquisition Program, a component of the South Florida Water Management District’s Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project.  We used the system to set production priorities and to successfully communicate and negotiate with over 1,000 property owners resulting in over 300 fee acquisitions in less than one year.  TIMS enabled our staff to effectively establish the negotiation priorities, monitor progress, automate the generation of thousands of complex legal documents and manage the delivery of hundreds of land acquisition transactions, enabling the SFWMD to achieve their accelerated acquisition targets.

Communications Infrastructure

One of Florida’s key engineering firms was behind schedule in executing a fast-track telecommunication infrastructure expansion project.  The sub-consultant they were using to provide statewide zoning services could not deliver timely land procurement results.  Without the real estate, the project was at risk.  Keystone was approached and asked to take over the land procurement task, and shortly thereafter went into action.  To expedite the process and recover lost time, Keystone developed an automated system that supported efforts to locate, identify and approve telecommunication tower sites throughout Florida.  We utilized the system to greatly expedite the zoning and land use analysis processes. The result? Rapid delivery of zoning recommendations and recommendations for risk mitigation to our client.  Keystone’s involvement was critical to the success of this project.  Our client was able to put the project back on schedule, and deliver on their commitment to their client.  

Rivers Flow

River ecology relies on flow.  Many of the fish and wildlife that thrive in a river ecosystem rely on flow.  Without flow, the river, by many measures, ceases to exist.  When restoring the Kissimmee River, it was critical for the South Florida Water Management District to ensure that the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes could fluctuate over a more natural range. 

Allowing the level of Lake Kissimmee to fluctuate more freely – a foot and a half over the existing 3.5 feet restricted fluctuation – would flood thousands of acres of private property. To allow Lake Kissimmee to fluctuate an additional foot and a half over its current limits, the South Florida Water Management District was faced with the monumental task of buying the impacted lands. 

Keystone was chosen to lead the accelerated acquisition and relocation project affecting the communities of Shady Oaks and the Rocks Fish Camps.  Over a period of seven months, Keystone managed the successful acquisition of over 300 residential/business units, and the relocation of over 300 families. The accelerated program involved the processing and accounting for more than 3,800 relocation claims & check requests, and the production and management of over 100,000 pages of documents. To enable the successful completion of this project in such a short time frame, Keystone customized project management and office automation methodologies - innovations instrumental to the success of this accelerated project.

Contributing to the growth of
Silicon Valley

When the Electronics Division of Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial gases, sought to rapidly expand their pipeline system to support the growing Silicon Valley technology manufacturing industry, they chose Keystone as their land procurement consultant.

Keystone successfully established new standards for “fast-track” acquisition and environmental permitting, effectively reducing those processes to one half the previously allotted time. By implementing the new standards throughout the Electronics Division, Keystone enabled Air Products and Chemicals’ Santa Clara operations to extend the grid, and lay the pipeline necessary to maintain maximum competitive advantage.  

Air Products presented Keystone with a Quality Award – recognizing the significance of the contribution that was made by establishing the new standards, and for delivering all of the pipeline projects ahead of schedule and under budget.